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Περιβαλλοντικά Κατάλοιπα και Ταφές από τη Νεολιθική και Χαλκολιθική Κύπρο
Ancient Cyprus Web Project (2000)
  • Anastasia Tsaliki

A plethora of important volumes and papers regarding ancient Cyprus have been published, so the interested reader should consult the bibliography at the end of this article.

The objective of the present work is to gather and present published information on the most famous Neolithic and Chalcolithic Cypriot sites. However, instead of dealing with architectural remains and artifacts, it focuses on environment and on organic remains, which often lack the reader’s attention as if they were of secondary importance. Therefore, data on topography, geology, climate, hydrology, and research on faunal, floral and human skeletal remains are presented.

This paper is based on Greek, English and French publications. One of the aims is to correspond the most often mentioned Latin terms with their Greek and English equivalent, when possible, since trilingual or multilingual dictionaries and glossaries covering the disciplines of biology, physical anthropology, geology and ecology are few to non-existent.

  • Cyprus,
  • Environmental Archaeology,
  • bones,
  • flora,
  • fauna,
  • ancient,
  • burial
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Anastasia Tsaliki. "Περιβαλλοντικά Κατάλοιπα και Ταφές από τη Νεολιθική και Χαλκολιθική Κύπρο" Ancient Cyprus Web Project (2000)
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