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About Dr Anastasia Tsaliki, PhD

I received my First Degree (BA Hons, 1st) in History, Archaeology and History of Art from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and I attended MSc courses in Palaeopathology, Funerary Archaeology and Bone Chemistry at the University of Bradford, UK. I have received several international scholarships and was awarded my PhD in Biocultural and Funerary Archaeology & Anthropology at the University of Durham, UK. The title of my doctoral research is:

"An Investigation of Extraordinary Human Body Disposals, with Special Reference to Necrophobia: A Multi-Disciplinary Analysis with Case Studies from Greece and Cross-Cultural Comparisons".

This project investigates in depth and from a multi-disciplinary perspective the phenomenon of deviant burials and anomalous disposal of the dead with emphasis on necrophobia (fear of the dead; a term introduced by the author for use in the disciplines of anthropology and archaeology). The project provides a novel multidisciplinary approach to the study of deviancy in the burial record. Such a study has not previously been conducted on such a large scale against a detailed contextual background, and it is the first comprehensive study on Greek unusual burials.

Being a dedicated life-long learner, I have also completed training in various subjects including Forensic Anthropology, Radiology, Cross-Cultural Intelligence, Law, Linguistics, Teaching & Learning, Continuing Medical Education, and Anthropology Statistics at various institutions.

I have participated in a plethora of anthropological and historical research projects in Greece and the UK. I speak three languages very fluently and have a good working knowledge of an additional two. I also have extensive lab, field, research and teaching experience, as well as many participations in seminars and conferences.

My research interests include:

* Cross-cultural research in Behavioural Sciences;
* Forensic Anthropology & Archaeology;
* Forensic & Social Psychology;
* Osteology & Palaeopathology;
* Funerary / Burial Archaeology;
* Medical Anthropology;
* Environmental Archaeology;
* Linguistics;
* Learning & Training

Research Interests

Archaeology (Funerary/Burial), Biological, Forensic & Cultural Anthropology, Palaeopathology, Folklore, Greek and European History & History of Art, Cross-cultural Studies, Linguistics, and Training

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