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Integrated Assessment for Informed Collection Management: A Review of the Pilot Year
Carterette Series Webinar (2016)
  • Ana Guimaraes
  • Michael Luther, Kennesaw State University
From June 2015 to July 2016, the Kennesaw State University Library System participated in a pilot implementation of a newly-conceived Collection Assessment Plan. The plan follows a 5-year rotating schedule for systematically reviewing print holdings of the KSU Libraries. The plan is broad in scope. It spans multiple library departments and integrates into operational workflows. This model of collection assessment endorses the idea that assessment is best employed when fully integrated into collection workflows and procedures, and distributed among staff who make decisions about selection and withdrawal. Ultimately, the plan seeks to provide a structure for improved decision-making and strategic collection growth, while recognizing that no single metric is sufficient to serve all of these roles. Rather, it investigates multiple aspects of the collection, including use, patron perception, holdings analysis, areas of existing need, core title list comparisons, and peer benchmarks. This online lecture, presented via the Carterette Webinar Series of the Georgia Library Association, summarized the challenges of the Pilot Year implementation, and offered recommendations and best practices for other libraries aspiring to begin collection assessment at their home institutions.
  • Collection Assessment
Publication Date
July 6, 2016
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Ana Guimaraes and Michael Luther. "Integrated Assessment for Informed Collection Management: A Review of the Pilot Year" Carterette Series Webinar (2016)
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