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Collection Development at Different Stages: A Panel of Three Georgia Universities in Transition
Georgia COMO Conference (2015)
  • Ana Guimaraes, Kennesaw State University
  • Julie Higbee, University of North Georgia
  • Bonnie Morris, University of North Georgia
  • Paolo Gujilde, Georgia Southern University
In this session, a panel of collection development librarians from three USG universities - University of North Georgia, Kennesaw State University, and Georgia Southern University - will discuss ways they are approaching the quest for effective collection development during times of transition. Each of these institutions is at a different place in its development, and panelists will share priorities and challenges from their perspectives. University of North Georgia and Kennesaw State University are both undergoing consolidation processes that have necessitated substantial reexamination and revision of policies, procedures, and workflows for collection development. At Georgia Southern University, the collection management focus has been on conducting a thorough review of existing policies, in order to align them as fully as possible with current and future user needs and budgets. By examining these varied collection development approaches, session participants will have the opportunity to consider and discuss strategies that might work well for their libraries.
  • collection development
Publication Date
Fall 2015
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Ana Guimaraes, Julie Higbee, Bonnie Morris and Paolo Gujilde. "Collection Development at Different Stages: A Panel of Three Georgia Universities in Transition" Georgia COMO Conference (2015)
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