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Mcessay Journal (2019)
  • Amy Jones, University of South Carolina - Beaufort
So you have taken the standardized tests. You have got the recommendation letters. You have even written the essay. Now is the time to send in your application. Before you take that crucial first step, go through this checklist to make sure that everything is in place.

Official transcript of scores
All US University programs require you to submit an official transcript of your scores. You need to obtain this from the college or school you last attended. Make a request well in advance. Most colleges will ask you to fill in a request form and hand over your mark sheets. They will then crosscheck with their records before handing out an official transcript.

Most programs will ask you to submit your most recent curriculum vitae or resume. Don’t send in an existing copy you have before reading the instructions on the application form. Some universities may suggest a one or two page limit. What you need to do is to fit in all the relevant details and still meet the page limit.

Don’t forget the application deadlines
If you are applying to several universities, chances are you will mix up deadlines. Make a chart citing the name of the university and the last date for sending in the application form. Start working on the one that has to be sent out first. Earlier students used to send off the entire application in one envelope. Now that the admission process has moved online, you submit some documents online and send some by mail. Follow the instructions carefully. If your admission essay written by Mс Essay is to be submitted online, it shouldn’t be sent by mail.

Application fee
Most universities require you to pay an application fee when submitting your application. You can pay your application fee by credit card. In case you are not paying by credit card, make sure you clearly specify which other mode of payment you prefer.

Attend admission fairs and seminars
Most US universities now conduct fairs and seminars in many countries as part of their worldwide admission process. If your country happens to host some of these, make sure you attend them. By attending these fairs you will be able to learn more about your options. You will also get a chance to meet others who are applying to the same university. It is also a good idea to go visit the university of your choice. Most students can’t afford this. But if you can don’t waste the opportunity.

Don’t apply to just one university
This is very important. It is not always easy to get admission to the most sought after University/college. So to be on the safe side, you need to send in your application to at least five schools. Other than your dream school, this should include one or two ‘next-to-best’ schools and at least one school where you will definitely secure an admission.

Retake the standardized tests
Don’t panic if you don’t do well in the standardized tests. You can always retake them and attempt to perform better. For this reason, you shall not wait until the last minute to take your first test.

Extracurricular activities
Set aside some time for extracurricular activities. They look good on your resume. They also make you a better well rounded person.

Start the application process early
Start the application process at least twelve months in advance. If you start early you will be able to send in your application for round one of the admissions process. Be sure to contact the graduate department to introduce yourself. Check the status of your application online to make sure that your file is complete. Before you send in your application make sure that the university offers programs that suit your needs. After sending the application be patient – it takes time to process the application.
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Summer June 27, 2019
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Amy Jones. "essay_writing_mcessay.jpg" Mcessay Journal (2019)
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