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"Write-talks": Students discovering real writers, real audiences, real purposes
Teacher Education and Leadership Faculty Publications
  • Amy A. Wilson, Utah State University
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International Reading Association
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Published authors are not the only "real" writers. Real writers are people who use writing in their daily lives. These real writers compose e-mails or memos, personal blogs or websites, song lyrics, and more. This lesson plan, which is adaptable for use in middle school as well, introduces students to a wide world of writing. Students begin by brainstorming a list of the types of writing people do on a daily basis. Then, students work together to classify those writing genres in various categories, such as formal and informal, public and private, and digital writing. Students then invite people into the classroom to talk about what, why, and how they write in real life. As a culminating activity, students reflect on how these varying purposes and processes can apply to their own lives.

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Wilson, A. A. (2008). “Write-talks”: Students discovering real writers, real audiences, real purposes. Newark, DE & Urbana, IL: International Reading Association & National Council of Teachers of English. Retrieved March 15, 2008 from