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When Vendor Statistics Are Not Enough: Determining Use of Electronic Databases
Libraries Research Publications
  • Amy S Van Epps, Purdue University
Many libraries have large collections of electronically available databases including journal article and conference paper indexes, full-text vendor catalogs, and standards databases. Which of these resources are being used and to what level becomes a point of interest. A quick re-direct Web-log has been created to track the number of times a particular link is selected, providing a consistent comparison of different resources. The resulting information can be used to determine if what the library provided is being used and if it can be marketed more effectively, which, ultimately, will aid in a cost/benefit analysis for budget decisions.
  • database statistics,
  • scientific and technical libraries statistics,
  • database use,
  • collection development statistics
Published in:
Science and Technology Libraries 21(1/2) 2001: 119-126
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Amy S Van Epps. "When Vendor Statistics Are Not Enough: Determining Use of Electronic Databases" (2002)
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