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Roots and Wings: Recognizing and accomodating the needs of undergraduate students
College Student Journal (2011)
  • Amy Strage, San Jose State University
  • Nadia Sorkhabi, San Jose State University

The present study was conducted to address two series of questions, to better understand college students' responses to the challenges and opportunities before them. Examining self-report data from a sample of 310 undergraduates collected at the beginning and end of a semester, we found systematic differences in how hard students were willing to work in different contexts, and how much and why they did or did not seek help from their instructors, depending on the reasons they cited for attending college (education, family or "college experience"). These patterns are discussed as they relate to Dweck's construct of mastery orientation, and as they speak to the broader issue of students' perceptions of their responsibility for their academic success.

Publication Date
June, 2011
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Citation Information
Amy Strage and Nadia Sorkhabi. "Roots and Wings: Recognizing and accomodating the needs of undergraduate students" College Student Journal Vol. 45 Iss. 2 (2011)
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