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Evaluation of Systems for Collection of Porcine Zygotes for Dna Microinjection and Transfer
  • B. L. Williams
  • Amy E.T. Sparks, University of Iowa
  • R. S. Canseco
  • J. W. Knight
  • J. L. Johnson
  • W. H. Velander
  • R. L. Page
  • W. N. Drohan
  • E. T. Kornegay
  • R. E. Pearson
  • T. D. Wilkins
  • F. C. Gwazdauskas
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Peer Reviewed
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Crossbred gilts and sows (n=116) were used for the collection of 1-cell zygotes for DNA microinjection and transfer. Retrospectively, estrus synchronization and superovulation schemes were evaluated to assess practicality for zygote collection. Four synchronization and superovulation procedures were used: 1) sows were observed for natural estrous behavior; 1000 IU human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) was administered at the onset of estrus (NAT); 2) cyclic gilts were synchronized with 17.6 mg altrenogest (ALT)/day for 15 to 19 days followed by superovulation with 1500 IU pregnant mares serum gonadotropin (PMSG) and 500 IU hCG (LALT); 3) gilts between 11 and 16 days of the estrous cycle received 17.6 mg ALT for 5 to 9 days and PMSG and hCG were used to induce superovulation (SALT); and 4) precocious ovulation was induced in prepubertal gilts with PMSG and hCG (PRE). A total of 505 DNA microinjected embryos transferred into 17 recipients produced 7 litters and 50 piglets, of which 8 were transgenic. The NAT sows had less (P 0.05) in the number of corpora hemorrhagica or unovulated follicles, but SALT and PRE treatments had higher ovulation rates than LALT (24.7 +/- 2.9, 24.3 +/- 1.8 vs 11.6 +/- 2.7 ovulations; xBAR +/- SEM). The SALT and PRE treatments yielded 12.3 +/- 2.6 and 17.7 +/- 1.7 zygotes. Successful transgenesis was accomplished with SALT and PRE procedures for estrus synchronization and superovulation.
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Theriogenology, 38:3 (1992) pp.501-511.
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B. L. Williams, Amy E.T. Sparks, R. S. Canseco, J. W. Knight, et al.. "Evaluation of Systems for Collection of Porcine Zygotes for Dna Microinjection and Transfer" Theriogenology Vol. 38 Iss. 3 (1992) p. 501 - 511 ISSN: 0093-691X
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