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Supernumerary minute ring chromosome 14 in a man with primary infertility and left varicocele
Fertility and sterility
  • B. C. Stahl
  • S. R. Patil
  • Craig H. Syrop, University of Iowa
  • Amy E.T. Sparks, University of Iowa
  • M. Wald
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Peer Reviewed
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Fertil Steril
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OBJECTIVE: To describe a case of supernumerary minute ring chromosome (SMRC) in an infertile man, with the concurrent finding of a left varicocele. DESIGN: Case report. SETTING: Urologic infertility clinic in a university hospital. PATIENT(S): Male patient presenting with primary infertility. INTERVENTION(S): Karyotyping, genetic counseling, and microsurgical left varicocelectomy. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): Sperm concentration and motility, chromosomal number and structure. RESULT(S): Fluorescence in situ hybridization revealing SMRC 14. Sperm concentration and motility improved after left varicocele repair. CONCLUSION(S): A karyotype should be included in the evaluation of severe oligospermia. Although SMRC 14 may be associated with fertility problems, repair of a coexisting varicocele should be considered in these patients.
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  • Infertility,
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Fertility and sterility, 87:5 (2007) pp.1213.e1-1213.e3.
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B. C. Stahl, S. R. Patil, Craig H. Syrop, Amy E.T. Sparks, et al.. "Supernumerary minute ring chromosome 14 in a man with primary infertility and left varicocele" Fertility and sterility Vol. 87 Iss. 5 (2007) p. 12130 - 1213000 ISSN: 1556-5653
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