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Local Holdings Maintenance in OCLC: How Cataloging Practices can Benefit Interlibrary Loan
Midwest Interlibrary Loan Conference
  • Amy R. Paulus, University of Iowa
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Peer Reviewed
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Dubuque, Iowa
Filtering and auto-deflection are OCLC capabilities that have been available although perhaps not well used yet in the interlibrary loan community. The University of Iowa have identified several collections that do not circulate and edit these cataloging records individually to filter requests, since the policy directory can not be used to deflect these. These collections include the Iowa Woman’s Archives collection, the Roxburghe Collection in Special Collections, and the permanent reserve collection of videos. Interlibrary Loan staff members are responsible for the creation and maintenance of these records. Local holdings records for serials are also created and maintained by ILL staff. The future ability for auto-selection of lenders for articles (i.e. direct request) provides the motivation for adding local holdings records to serials in that if our holdings are not available on OCLC, our library will be chosen after those whose holdings are available. The University of Iowa Main Library has a unique situation in that ILL staff members are performing these functions that normally take place in cataloging. Training on Connexion and learning cataloging practices were small prices to pay in order to obtain a greater lending fill rate for interlibrary loan!
Copyright © 2007, Amy R. Paulus.
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Amy R. Paulus. "Local Holdings Maintenance in OCLC: How Cataloging Practices can Benefit Interlibrary Loan" Midwest Interlibrary Loan Conference (2007)
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