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Five short exercises for groups
Eastern Academy of Management International Conference
  • Rae Andre, Northeastern University
  • Amy Kenworthy, Bond University
  • Roger Putzel, St Michaels College
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Conference Paper
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Andre, R., Kenworthy, A., & Putzel, R. (2011). Five short excercises for groups. Paper presented at the Eastern Academy of Management International Conference on Managing in a Global Economy XIV: Global Web of Knowledge, Bangalore, India.

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© Copyright R. Andre, A. Kenworthy & R. Putzel, 2011

Short exercises that illustrate key aspects of group process are important classroom tools for both novice and veteran instructors. We present five exercises that engage your students and demonstrate fundamental concepts, beginning with teambuilding and group process observation, then moving to group planning and, finally, to the issues of process loss and social loafing across cultures. These exercises blend classic teachings about groups with experiential learning adapted to students in today’s dynamic and international learning environment.
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Rae Andre, Amy Kenworthy and Roger Putzel. "Five short exercises for groups" Eastern Academy of Management International Conference (2011) p. 1 - 21
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