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Gather 'round the experiential fire!
Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference (OBTC)
  • George Hrivnak, Bond University
  • Amy Kenworthy, Bond University
  • Ruth Axelrod, George Washington University
  • Stephen Ralph Axley, Western Illinois University
  • Bill Ferris, Western New England University
  • Jeanie M. Forray, Western New England University
  • Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Nazareth College
  • Tim McMahon, University of Oregon
  • Margie Parikh, Gujarat University
  • Peter Brown Vaill, Antioch College
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Conference Paper
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Hrivnak, G. A., Kenworthy, A. L., Axelrod, R., Axley, S. R., Ferris, B., Forray, J. M., Leigh, J. S. A., McMahon, T., Parikh, M., & Vaill, P. B. (2011). Gather 'round the experiential fire! Paper presented at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference (OBTC), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

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© Copyright G. A. Hrivnak, A. L. Kenworthy, R. Axelrod, S. R. Axley, B. Ferris, J. M. Forray, J. S. A. Leigh, T. McMahon, M. Parikh & P. B. Vaill, 2011

Gather around the experiential fire once again to experience and enjoy a collection of engaging experiential exercises from a number of presenters in a “speed dating” format. This session includes exercises on sustainability, decision making, team building, teamwork, social perceptions and bias, leadership, and cultural bias. The full details for using these exercises are available in the Proceedings.
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George Hrivnak, Amy Kenworthy, Ruth Axelrod, Stephen Ralph Axley, et al.. "Gather 'round the experiential fire!" Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference (OBTC) (2011) p. 1 - 28
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