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About Amy M. Elliott

Amy currently serves as the Humanities and Queer Studies librarian at Denison University. She holds degrees in English and Information Sciences, but has a lifelong curiosity about everything. She’s originally from Ohio, but has lived all over the country because she enjoys learning about other cultures.

Amy’s current professional and research interests focus on library leadership and management, emotional labor, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, compassion, resilience, shame, vulnerability, soft skills, bibliotherapy, and the intersection of social work and libraries. Someday she hopes to become a strong, effective, and compassionate library leader who builds community and can lead change in libraries.

She has over a decade of experience in the library and information profession, mostly in academic libraries. She previously served in positions at Boise State University, Georgia State University, and OCLC. Further evidence of her curiosity includes past interest and experience with: gender and LGBTQIA issues in libraries and the information industry, reference, instruction, collection management, electronic resources, open access, institutional repositories, intellectual property, scholarly communication and publishing, product and project management, software development, and health and mental health awareness and education. Prior to her career in libraries and the information industry, she taught English composition to undergraduates.

Amy’s personal interests include mental and physical health and wellness as well as self-improvement. You might find her at the gym, in a yoga class, hiking, biking, running, or riding a horse. She loves coffee and often hangs out at coffee houses, reading, writing, and contemplating her navel. At home, she enjoys cooking, baking, playing guitar, woodworking, and snuggling her two cats.


Present Humanities and Queer Studies Liaison Librarian, Denison University ‐ Library

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Electronic Resources, Institutional Repositories & Open Access, Information Access & Services for GLBTs, Library Collection Management & Assessment, American Southern Literature, health, and mental health

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Honors and Awards

  • Library Spirit Award, GA Award of Excellence, John C. Hodges Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2006
  • School of Information Sciences Best Paper Award, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, “Thinking Globally and Reading Diversely: Issues of Gay and Lesbian International Literature for Young Adults,” 2006
  • Best Master’s Research Award, 28th Annual University of Tennessee College of Communication and Information Research Symposium, “Thinking Globally and Reading Diversely: Issues of Gay and Lesbian International Literature for Young Adults,” 2006
  • Virginia M. Chaney Award, Belmont University, 2001

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