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ASCA code of ethics and the relevance of Eastern ethical theories
Journal of School Counseling (2009)
  • Amy Cook, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Rick Houser, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa

As schools become increasingly diverse through immigration and growth of minority groups, it is important that school counselors incorporate culturally sensitive ethical decision-making in their practice. The use of Western ethical theories in the application of professional codes of ethics provides a specific perspective in ethical decision- making, but may not provide school counselors with a broad cultural perspective. We discuss the use of Eastern theories of ethics (Taoism and Hinduism) and their relevance to the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors to inform school counselors’ work with Asian immigrant students.

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Amy Cook and Rick Houser. "ASCA code of ethics and the relevance of Eastern ethical theories" Journal of School Counseling Vol. 7 Iss. 28 (2009)
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