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The Importance of Law Reviews in Practice
AALL Annual Meeting (2013)
  • Amy Burchfield, Cleveland State University
  • Brian Cassidy, Cleveland State University

Researchers usually assume that law review articles are overlooked and underutilized by practicing attorneys and judges. They have been likened to “instant mashed potatoes” –something to be avoided by gourmet chefs in all but the most dire circumstances. Are law review articles really legal outliers?

To explore this question, we examine Ohio and West Virginia Supreme Court cases from the last ten years to see if they look to law review articles for legal guidance. We present our results, and analyze the how, when, and why these courts utilize law review articles in their opinions.

It is our hope to spotlight the importance of law reviews to not just law schools and law students, but the legal community as a whole.

  • law reviews,
  • judicial opinions,
  • citation
Publication Date
July 16, 2013
Citation Information
Amy Burchfield and Brian Cassidy. "The Importance of Law Reviews in Practice" AALL Annual Meeting (2013)
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