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About Amy Boele

Through my research in literacy, I work to understand the ways in which texts and stories, whether spoken or written, are imbued with multiple meanings. I try to problematize the idea that texts are neutral or that there is one correct meaning or interpretation of a text, which holds implications for how literacy is assessed.
Coming from a fairly long line of educators, I had always imagined that I would become a teacher. At times, I resisted the idea and wondered if I was cut out for the rigorous demands of daily work in the classroom; but, now looking back, my years as a special educator are invaluable to me.
I began my career in a summer school setting, teaching high school students with developmental disabilities in Southern Illinois. That fall, I continued at the same high school, teaching pre-algebra and interpersonal communications to students with learning disabilities and social-emotional disabilities. After three years at the high school level, I moved to Colorado and taught special education at the elementary level for another three years. The elementary age felt like such a great fit, as I had also majored in elementary education and had received my certificate to teach general education K-8. I worked with all grade levels and implemented reading interventions with small groups of students, and I supported students and teachers in the general education classroom.
It was during this time that I started my master’s program at the University of Colorado Boulder in the department of Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity, where I earned my MA in special education and bilingual education. Here, I found my passion for research and for challenging the educational inequities faced by culturally and linguistically diverse exceptional students. As such, I continued my studies in a doctoral program in the same department, focusing on literacy and assessment for students with learning disabilities from a perspective that examines learning as culturally and historically situated, pervaded by systems of unequal opportunities.


Present Assistant Professor, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver

Curriculum Vitae

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2008 - 2014 PhD, University of Colorado Boulder ‐ Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity, Special Education
2006 - 2008 MA, University of Colorado Boulder ‐ Special Education Generalist & Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education
1999 - 2002 BS, Greenville College ‐ Elementary Education and Special Education
1997 - 1999 AA, Central Christian College

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P.O. BOX 173364
DENVER, CO 80217-3364


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