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Arthur Conan Doyle's "Great New Adventure Story": Journalism in The Lost World
Studies in the Novel
  • Amy Wong, University of California, Los Angeles
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This essay discusses the critical engagements of Arthur Doyle’s The Lost World (1912) with the rise of journalistic professionalism at the turn of the century. With a focus on features from the novel’s serial publication in George Newnes’s illustrated periodical, the Strand Magazine, this essay argues that this popular work of fiction self-consciously positions itself against what had become a fairly mainstream ideological and generic split between literature and journalism. Through its masquerade as a first-person account mediated by a professional network of journalists and editors, The Lost World integrates conventions of literary romance and objective journalism to combat perspectives on the incompatibility of romance and modern reality.

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Originally published as Wong, Amy R. "Arthur Conan Doyle's" Great New Adventure Story": Journalism in The Lost World." Studies in the Novel 47.1 (2015): 60-79.
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Amy Wong. "Arthur Conan Doyle's "Great New Adventure Story": Journalism in The Lost World" Studies in the Novel Vol. 47 Iss. 1 (2015) p. 60 - 79 ISSN: 0039-3827
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