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Social Psychology for Today’s World
Psychology Faculty Publications
  • Lynn E. McCutcheon
  • Jean E. Bartels, Georgia Southern University
  • Amy Hackney, Georgia Southern University
  • Jason Hart
  • S. M. Rauch
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Topics covered include: Why social psych beats common sense How to do research in social psychology Social cognition and social perception Understanding yourself and others Consistency and rationalization Attitudes and attitude change Conformity, obedience, and compliance Why people sometimes help and sometimes hurt others Group processes Prejudice and how to reduce it Social psychology, stress, and your health The authors describe and explain major theories in social psychology in ways that connect with contemporary college students.
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Lynn E. McCutcheon, Jean E. Bartels, Amy Hackney, Jason Hart, et al.. Social Psychology for Today’s World. First EditionPalo Cedro(2014)
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