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Impact of the Interim Leadership Experience (Poster)
  • Ashley T. Hoffman
  • Amy E. G. Barker, Kennesaw State University
  • Sherrill W. Hayes
In many libraries, lengthy hiring processes for library leaders often mean that librarians are called upon to lead in an interim or acting capacity. Serving in this temporary leadership role can have many effects—both positive and negative—on a librarian’s career and well-being. In this poster presentation, recent interim library leaders will share research they conducted in 2020 into the impact of serving in these roles, including results of a national survey and series of interviews. The presenters will also reflect on their own experiences and share advice for performing in an interim leadership role at the middle-management level.
  • Administration Management and Leadership,
  • Leadership Pipeline
Publication Date
April 13, 2021
Citation Information
Ashley T. Hoffman, Amy E. G. Barker and Sherrill W. Hayes. "Impact of the Interim Leadership Experience (Poster)" (2021)
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