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About Adel M Sharaf

Dr. Sharaf was born in Tanta, Egypt. He obtained his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Cairo University in 1971. From 1971-1974, he was employed as a control and instrumentation engineer with Egypt Air (Cairo, Egypt). He immigrated to Canada in September, 1974 and joined the University of Manitoba as a research assistant and laboratory instructor. He completed his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering 1976 and was employed by Manitoba Hydro as Special Studies Engineer, responsible for engineering and economic feasibility studies in electrical distribution grid planning and expansion. He also obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, on a part time basis, in 1979; He joined Trans-Alta Utilities Corporation (Calgary, Alberta) in 1979 as a inductive coordination and planning engineer. Dr. Sharaf was selected as an NSERC-Canada research-assistant professor in 1981 at the University of Manitoba. He joined the University of New Brunswick in 1981 to start a tenure track academic career as an assistant professor. He was awarded tenure in 1986 and full professorship in 1987. He is currently a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick.
Dr. Sharaf authored and co-authored over 785 scholarly technical journals, conference papers and engineering reports. He did consulting and collaborative research and development work with Asea- Brown Boveri, ABB in Switzerland and Sweden, the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA), the Japanese Central Research Institute of the Power Industry (CRIEPI), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and electric utilities in Canada and abroad. He did collaborative work with TU-Delft (Holland), Kuwait University (Kuwait City) and numerous Egyptian Universities.
Dr. Sharaf is a Life-Senior Member of the IEEE since 1984 and a registered professional engineer in the Provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick with formal registration in the Provinces of Manitoba and Alberta. He is a Registered Consulting Engineer with Professional Engineers of EGYPT.
He is the President of Sharaf Energy Systems, and Intelligent Environmental Energy Systems, Incorporated, a Research and Development and Engineering, Consulting companies incorporated in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada.
Since joining Academia in 1981, he has supervised over (37) M.S. and (13) Ph.D. Graduate Students since joining Academia in 1981.
He developed a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in electric machines, electric circuits, HVDC transmission and FACTS Technology,Renewable Energy, Smart grid, EE/DSM, Electrical Design, power system transients, control, operation and protection. His research areas include electric utility planning,Smart Grid, Hybrid Renewable Energy, Power Quality,FACTS Technology,Power Systems/Electric Utilities Planning, Operation, Control, protection, renewable energy and village electricity, energy conservation, power electronics & electric motor drives, power quality, AI-Smart Relaying and intelligent Anomaly/Fault Detection and Failure-Diagnostics , Soft Computing Engineering Applications in Electro-technical Systems and Interactive Multi-Media Based Training.
Research Areas include Electric Utility Planning & Operation, Power Quality(PQ), Sustainable Green Energy, Hybrid Renewable Energy, FACTS- Technology, Power Electronics, Energy Conservation, Power System Control, Protection, Security and Stability and Integrated Distributed/Dispersed Wind/PV/Tidal/Small Hydro/Fuel Cells and Sustainable Green Power NUG-Generation.
Dr. Sharaf is also Curriculum Consultant to Universities in Kuwait, Egypt, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.
Administrative Experience includes serving as a Chairman of The Electrical Engineering Dept., UAE UNIVERSITY, United Arab Emirates from( 1996-2000).
Dr. Sharaf has published over 460 papers in referred journals and conferences. You can visit his personal web site at
and download his other published papers and power point presentations.


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