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Traditional Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage is recommended to all those who do a lot of sitting work and are the result of hardened muscles and all those who are under stress and want to eliminate it.
Traditional Thai massage is one of the most popular massages in Slovenia since the masseur with special techniques restores the energy flow and eliminates the pain in your body.
Thai massage with argan oil
Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and contains more than 80% fatty acids and is versatile.
After massage with argan oil, your skin will be soft and silky, so with just a massage, make sure that you get superb relaxation and skin care. The oil is especially suitable for care and protection of mature skin, because it works well against aging and skin renewal.
Facial and head massage
The head massage combines several different Thai techniques and grips. Facial and head massage is designed to relieve stress, eliminate muscle tension, fatigue and headaches, and all the other tensions in our body. Massage increases circulation in the facial tissues and the result is a more youthful appearance and more beautiful skin.
Thai Macadamia Massage
Thai massage with macadamia is a premium oil that greatly nourishes and softens the skin. It restores its elasticity and youthful appearance as macadamia is rich in natural esque compounds. Thai Macadamia massage intensively moisturizes dry and mature skin.
Thai massage with warm herbs
The beneficial effect of warm herbs brings us to an unforgettable state of relaxation. In cotton wrapped and at a pleasant warming temperature, the herbs are beneficial for the skin, and with the smell they create a pleasant relaxation for the whole body. Thai massage with warm herbs improves blood circulation and our general well-being.
The basis of the traditional Thai massage is the treatment of the main invisible energy lines or meridians, through which the life energy flows. Since the traditional Thai massage works much deeper than a classic massage, it is also called a massage for a long life, vitality massage. By pressing, stretching and bending, we revitalize the whole body, and above all, we release tired muscles and stimulate sleeping.

The herb mixture contains lime crust, curcuma, lemon grass, salt, coffee beans and some other herbs. Herbs work anti-inflammatory to the affected muscles. Some movements are similar to classic massage because the pressure and movement of the masseuse are somewhat stronger and deeper. Focusing primarily on joint pain causes blood and lymph circulation to increase.

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