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Predictors and Characteristics of Response and Nonresponse: A Ten Year Follow-Up of First Episode Schizophrenia in Mumbai
Psychiatry Presentations
  • Amresh Shrivastava, University of Western Ontario
  • Nilesh Shah, University of Mumbai
  • Megan Johnston, University of Toronto
  • Larry Stitt, University of Western Ontario
  • Meghana Thakar, Silver Mind Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • Gurusamy Chinnasamy, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
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▪ It is not clearly known what predicts good long-term outcome in first episode schizophrenia and what the characteristics are that differentiate patients who do and do not show good response

▪ We attempted to find the characteristics and predictors of good out-come for patients who presented with severe psychopathology and were hospitalized in their first episode psychosis in a tertiary psychiatric hospital in the city of Mumbai

▪ 101 patients of first episode schizophrenia were assessed at hospitalization, and reassessed at ten years

▪ The data was analyzed on 13 outcome parameters for predictors and characteristics of good outcome, using the SAS system of statistical analysis

▪ 61 of 101 patients showed good outcome on the CGIS after ten years

▪ Predictors of good recovery were high baseline positive symptoms and low negative symptoms, higher anxiety-depressive symptoms, lower level of depressive symptoms, lower level of aggression, higher work performance and ability to live independently.

▪ Characteristics of non-recovered patients showed higher extra pyramidal symptoms, severe aggressive symptoms, higher frequency of disorganization symptoms at baseline and higher level of family burden at the end of the term

▪ Our study shows reasonably good outcome [61.7%] in first episode-hospitalized patients

▪ Good outcome correlated with severity of positive symptoms, level of work function and ability to live independently at baseline

A poster presentation at the Annual National Conference of the Indian Psychiatry Society in Jaipur, India in Jan. 2010
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Amresh Shrivastava, Nilesh Shah, Megan Johnston, Larry Stitt, et al.. "Predictors and Characteristics of Response and Nonresponse: A Ten Year Follow-Up of First Episode Schizophrenia in Mumbai" (2010)
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