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To be or not to be: Education for Clinical Decisions in Risk Assessment of Suicide Behavior
Proposal for course , APA,2010 (2010)
  • Amresh Srivastava, University of Western Ontario
  • Megan Johnston

Clinical practice of psychiatry has acquired role and responsibility which goes far beyond traditional expectations .Incident of suicide, particularly, is considered a high liability for then professionals, organizations and the consumer. It also remains a clinical issue which examines can we prevent suicide which in the system of care. Studies have shown about 1 in 6 psychologist or psychiatrist are likely to loose a patient due to suicide in a mean duration of 18-20 years practice. Repeatedly it has demonstrated that clinical skill training for risk assessment is the necessary for all professionals not only in mental health but also in general health and other high-risk settings. There is merit in the argument that enhancing risk assessment can minimize chances of suicide and provide better legal protection in event of litigation. The course contains literature review, concept of risk, tools for assessment, briefly describes anew tool, and usage video-based case vintage for hands on experience, floor discussion and evaluation of what has been learnt. The course contains pre-course and post-course exercise for evaluation and develops on documentation issue as well. Suicide prevention is a life-saving measure. Enhancing assessment quality is for professional excellence in clinical practice

  • suicide,
  • risk,
  • assessment
Publication Date
May, 2010
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Amresh Srivastava and Megan Johnston. "To be or not to be: Education for Clinical Decisions in Risk Assessment of Suicide Behavior" Proposal for course , APA,2010 (2010)
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