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Unpublished Paper
Optimizing outcome measures for schizophrenia: From research to Clinics
Symposia Proposal, American Psychiatric Association, 2010 Annual Meeting (2010)
  • Amresh Srivastava, University of Western Ontario
  • Nina Schoolar
  • Alexander Miller
  • Jitenra Trivedi

Outcome measures in schizophrenia have evolved considerably to bring in more objectivity, uniformity and attempt to reflect ‘real-life’ situation. It has significantly moved away from measurement of symptom remission to assessment of level of functioning and quality of life parameters. Schizophrenia is a complex neurobehavioral disorder afflicting approximately 1% population, with onset in early adolescence, across the world. It cause immense burden of patients, families and caregivers. The economic cost of schizophrenia is enormous. It is therefore important that assessment of schizophrenia be reflective of ground reality, scientific, evidence-based and comprehensive. Several researchers have proposed multidimensional outcome parameters. The heterogeneity of schizophrenia contributes towards differential outcome status. It is now believed that it needs to be measured at least on two dimention1. Clinical recovery and 2. Social recovery. Recently a working Group of APA has done commendable work to synthesize criteria for remission. However the fact remains that most of the patients suffering from schizophrenia remain marginalized from main stream of society. Productivity of recovered patients continues to be poor. It is also evident that those who recover clinically do not necessarily recover socially. From clinical and well as public health perspectives it is important that a ‘common parameters, valid and reflective of real situation’ be developed which can be used across communities and cultures.

Two proposals for incorporating cognition and Disability in diagnosis in DSM V, is currently gaining momentum and remains full of contradictions. Should outcome measures include these parameters?

The symposium will discuss some of the key issues involved in the re-constructing the concept of ‘outcome measures’ in schizophrenia

  • Outcome,
  • schizophrenia
Publication Date
May, 2010
Citation Information
Amresh Srivastava, Nina Schoolar, Alexander Miller and Jitenra Trivedi. "Optimizing outcome measures for schizophrenia: From research to Clinics" Symposia Proposal, American Psychiatric Association, 2010 Annual Meeting (2010)
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