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Unpublished Paper
.General practitioners training: ( second) a strategic response to treatment gaps for
  • Amresh Srivastava, University of Western Ontario

General practitioners training: a strategic response to treatment gaps for suicide behaviour Amresh Shrivastava • Suicide is an international public heath problem, which impacts the most vulnerable of the world’s populations. • About one million people commit suicide and 10-20 times of these attempt it every year across the glob. • More than 90000 adolescents commit suicide every year while rate of attempted suicide every year. • .It is also among the top 20 leading causes of death, which is projected to contribute more than 2% to the global burden of disease by the year 2020 globally for all ages. • Significantly, these figures fails to take account of the huge impact of suicide beyond the individual and the ripple effect it has on the lives and mental health of many families and communities. • The problem of suicide continues to rise despite that fact despite revolutionary advances in treatment of mental disorders. • Unlike for many other health issues, suicide is largely preventable. • Rich countries are not rich for individuals suffering from mental disorders. • About 25 to 40% patients do nor have access to mental health services in developed countries, leave alone-specialised services for suicide prevention • Suicide prevention is neglected area of medicine. • Lack of human resource is one of the prime barriers for treatment besides stigma, poor awareness and financial investments, • It is now recognised that education and training of health and non-health professional offers excellent opportunity for increasing access too care and reducing stigma and unawareness. • There is strong evidence that training of family physicians improves outcome of identification and intervention for suicide behaviours. • This program is being developed for education and training of family physicians for either face-to-face or online training method.

  • Suicide,
  • general practitioners
Publication Date
May 16, 2014
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Amresh Srivastava. ".General practitioners training: ( second) a strategic response to treatment gaps for" (2014)
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