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Building Cosmopolitan Communities: A Critical and Multidimensional Approach
SIAS Faculty Book Gallery
  • Amós Nascimento, University of Washington Tacoma
Building Cosmopolitan Communities contributes to current cosmopolitanism debates by evaluating the justification and application of norms and human rights in different communitarian settings in order to achieve cosmopolitan ideals. Relying on a critical tradition that spans from Kant to contemporary discourse philosophy, Nascimento proposes the concept of a "multidimensional discourse community." The multidimensional model is applied and tested in various dialogues, resulting in a new cosmopolitan ideal based on a contemporary discursive paradigm. As the first scholarly text to provide an interdisciplinary survey of the theories and discourses on human rights and cosmopolitanism, Building Cosmopolitan Communities is a valuable resource to scholars of philosophy, political science, social theory, and globalization studies.
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Palgrave Macmillan
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Amós Nascimento. Building Cosmopolitan Communities: A Critical and Multidimensional Approach. New York, NY(2013)
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