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Contribution to Book
Percolation, Connectivity, Coverage and Colouring of Random Geometric Graphs
Handbook of Large-Scale Random Networks (2009)
  • Amites Sarkar, Western Washington University
  • Paul Balister
  • Béla Bollobás

In this review paper, we shall discuss some recent results concerning several models of random geometric graphs, including the Gilbert disc model Gr, the k-nearest neighbour model Gnn k and the Voronoi model Gp. Many of the results concern finite versions of these models. In passing, we shall mention some of the applications to engineering and biology.

  • Gilbert disc model,
  • k-nearest neighbour model,
  • Voronoi model
Publication Date
Béla Bollobás, robert Kozma, and Dezso Miklós
Springer and
Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies (Book 18)
Citation Information
Amites Sarkar, Paul Balister and Béla Bollobás. "Percolation, Connectivity, Coverage and Colouring of Random Geometric Graphs" Budapest, HungaryHandbook of Large-Scale Random Networks (2009)
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