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Violence on the girl child during Armed conflicts: Legal Deficiencies & New Thinking
King's College London (2009)
  • Amin George Forji, University of Helsinki
Every year, new armed conflicts sprout up around the world. Whatever form the warfare may take, the girl child is customarily one of the immediate targets. Grave human rights violations range from brutal massacres, mutilation, amputation to sexual slavery, human shields, child soldier and porter servants. While these occurrences obviously translate to great emotional, mental, physical and spiritual sufferings on the part of these innocent souls, International law and international initiatives have been at best weak, wanting and deficient in finding considerable relief. Although the severity of these problems have been recognized (For instance, the Rome Statute) as constituting crimes against humanity, most of the loopholes in international law have been as a result of lack of an effective enforcement mechanism. This research seeks to make key recommendations that would hopefully enable the international community to drastically improve the management of the situation. The powers of the UN Security Council should be fortified, and the organisation disposed of both an effective warning mechanism for all nations, as well as a rapid standing army. Furthermore, I submit that the UN compel all third world countries to institute "children protection posts" with full police defence at every major region, where children can quickly go to for safe haven during emergencies. Reputable civil and human rights NGOs should also be strengthened with financial, moral and didactic subventions to enable them make regular reporting, as well as sound warning alarms.
  • Feminism,
  • Girl Child,
  • Armed Conflicts,
  • violence,
  • Human rights,
  • sex crimes
Publication Date
Summer July 2, 2009
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Amin George Forji. "Violence on the girl child during Armed conflicts: Legal Deficiencies & New Thinking" King's College London (2009)
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