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From Research to Practice: A Framework for Contextualized Teaching and Learning
Journal of College Reading and Learning (2013)
  • Valerie K Ambrose
  • C. Amelia Davis, Georgia Southern University
  • Mary F Ziegler

Developmental reading instructors are increasingly pressured to include real-world content into their curriculum to bring contextualized teaching and learning to life. The purpose of this practitioner-focused article is to tie knowledge about contextualized teaching and learning with classroom application techniques. We present a framework that addresses our understanding of contextualized teaching and learning, and we provide examples of how contextualized teaching and learning can be applied directly to developmental reading practice.

Publication Date
Fall 2013
Citation Information
Ambrose, V. K., Davis, C. A., & Ziegler, M. F. (2013). From research to practice: A framework for contextualized teaching and learning. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 44(1), 35–50.