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G.E.D. in 3 Voices
Qualitative Inquiry (2012)
  • C. Amelia Davis, Georgia Southern University

In this piece, the author experiments with re-presenting particular stories through poetic texts that contextualize and honor difference in experience between GED students and instructors. These poetic re-presentations stem from an ongoing study that explores (a) adult basic education instructors’ perceptions of their pedagogy and interaction with their students, and (b) adult student experiences in GED classes as well as perceptions of their instructors. The poems are constructed entirely from the words of the participants to capture the tenor of self-disclosure and experience that was shared with the author and to draw the reader toward these experiences. The poems are written in three columns, representing three voices—two students and one instructor. The author hopes that as the reader moves along the text in a weaving pattern, one voice is not privileged over the others as similar and divergent views are expressed.

  • adult basic education,
  • GED,
  • qualitative research,
  • poetic representation
Publication Date
Citation Information
Davis, C. A. (2012). G.E.D. in 3 Voices. Qualitative Inquiry, 18(3), 227-234.