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Performing Professor
Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal (2014)
  • C. Amelia Davis, Georgia Southern University
  • Mary Alice Varga, University of West Georgia

In this piece, the authors, two newly named Ph.D.’s and new tenure track faculty members, question life in the academy as they find themselves juggling what they think their new role should be and what the performance of that role actually is. Using a framework of autoethnography, their journaled experiences and performances are shared through dialogue with the intent that readers will gain an understanding of their evolving roles as performing professors. Dialogue was chosen as a means of re-representing the authors’ personal narratives in order to illustrate the complexities and reflections of their new roles as assistant professors, including how they perform professor, validation of that performance, and their desire to perfect the performance, specifically with regard to teaching. The authors constructed this dialogue as a way of telling the story of their first-year experience and in doing so hope to open a space for more consideration and dialogue regarding performance and the professoriate.

  • New Faculty,
  • Professional Identity,
  • Transitions,
  • Professoriate,
  • Qualitative Research,
  • Autoethnography,
  • Performance
Publication Date
Citation Information
C. Amelia Davis and Mary Alice Varga. "Performing Professor" Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal 4.1 (2014): 29-38.