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My Sister, Our Stories: Exploring the Lived Experience of School Leavers through Narrative and Poetics
The Qualitative Report
  • C. Amelia Davis, Georgia Southern University
  • Jennifer L. Pepperell, Minnesota State University
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The purpose of this study was to explore the educational experiences of two adult female siblings who are both school leavers. Through the use of thematic narrative analysis, sibling narratives and poetic re-presentations, their stories were developed. These stories represent the participants’ experiences of prior schooling and their current commitments to education. While each story conveyed a profound similarity in terms of prior schooling, contrasting narratives were illustrated through description of transitional moments and sibling relationship. The analysis also explored the intersections of race, gender,and social class within educative moments of the life experiences of the participants.
Citation Information
Davis, C.A. and Pepperell, J.L. (2012). My sister, our stories: Exploring the lived experience of school leavers through narrative and poetics. The Qualitative Report 17(Art. 57), 1-25. Retrieved from