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About Amber S. Johansen

I am passionate about many things including public education. I realize how valuable a role our educators play and how that role is growing each year.
I completed my masters in Government at the University of South Florida, which allowed me to identify issues facing our world. My thesis research was on the effects of religion on democratic development, and my minor research was in public policy in education.
My research in religion and democratic development focuses on the Pentecostal movement in Brazil. As the fastest growing body of Christian believers, it is affecting the landscape of Brazil in many ways.
My research in public education centered around a case study comparing a public school in London to a public school in Tampa. I was able to visit the school in London during the spring of 2010 to interview teachers and to shadow the principal. This gave me a broader understanding of the challenges educators are facing in the 21st century, and the issues surrounding student achievement.
Currently, I am the Executive Director of First Priority of Tampa Bay which is a faith based non-profit serving middle and high schools. My role includes: community and program development, funding development and business operations. I am available as a public speaker on multiple topics including: public policy, faith based topics and non-profit service.


Present Executive Director, First Priority of Tampa Bay, University of South Florida


MS, University of South Florida ‐ International Relations

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