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Identifying Less Common Types of Restricted Data
IASSIST 2017 (2017)
  • Amber Sherman
Most researchers are aware that personally identifiable information needs to be protected and restricted. There are established ways to automatically scan for information like Social Security or Credit Card numbers and best practices exist for de-identifying or masking variables which could reveal identity. However, there are many other laws and policies which restrict the publishing of certain types of data including information about endangered animals and protected areas. More awareness of the less common types of restricted data is needed among researchers and data management professionals. The national trend toward interdisciplinary research programs makes it more likely that a single researcher will lack a complete knowledge of applicable laws. This paper will discuss the research taking place to create a database of sensitive information types along with corresponding laws restricting that information and suggestions for identifying each of those data types.
Publication Date
Spring 2017
Lawrence, KS
Citation Information
Amber Sherman. "Identifying Less Common Types of Restricted Data" IASSIST 2017 (2017)
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