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Albertsons Library Data Management Strategic Agenda Summer 2017 - Spring 2019
Data Management Services
  • Amber Sherman, Boise State University
  • Heather Grevatt, Boise State University
  • Megan Davis, Boise State University
  • Michelle Armstrong, Boise State University
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University Document
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Boise State University identifies research and creative activity as a Core Theme of its institutional mission. This concept is clarified through several objectives which outline the importance of transferring knowledge for “societal, economic, and cultural benefits”. The university expects to produce work that has “substantial disciplinary impact and contributes to the overall reputation of the university,” so that, “community members can connect with and benefit from our researchers, artists, and students.” This core theme of scholarly contribution is further confirmed in the university’s Goals and Strategies which detail specific activities Boise State will undertake. For example in goals 3 and 5, Boise State establishes its commitment to effective research and creative efforts by developing key competencies, building necessary infrastructures, and encouraging external funding and philanthropic support.

In consideration of these university goals, Albertsons Library is actively advocating for Boise State’s research and creative activities through its own Strategic Plan. In Library Strategic Objective 4, Albertsons Library has committed to identifying “critical areas of needed Research Support then build expertise, capacity and services to meet these needs.” Over the past several years, the library has pursued this goal through the development of research data management services detailed in the 2015-2016 Data Management Strategic Agenda - Final Report. These services have been built upon four principles:

  • Research data is an asset
  • Data management is an ongoing activity that happens throughout the life of the research project
  • Researchers need “Point-of-Need” services
  • The library strives to serve the whole university

The following Data Management Strategic Agenda continues this work by outlining activities Albertsons Library’s Research Data Management Group will engage in over the next two years.

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Amber Sherman, Heather Grevatt, Megan Davis and Michelle Armstrong. "Albertsons Library Data Management Strategic Agenda Summer 2017 - Spring 2019" (2017)
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