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Black Males and Counseling: Dispelling Myths
Black Male Summit
  • Kia-Rai M. Prewitt, M.A., The University Of Akron
  • Amber A. Hewitt, Ph.D., The University Of Akron
Bridgestoone Firestone
Type of Presentation
50 minute presentation
Mental illness is marked by chronic and pervasive stigma within the African American community. Black males, in particular, are less likely to seek out mental health support, when compared with their female counterparts. Several myths about counseling exist for this population, which can lead to a reduction in help-seeking behavior. The current presentation will engage members in a dialogue which seeks to dispel myths about gender, race, and counseling services and further discuss how the intersection of these variables impact the seeking out of psychological services. The presenters will demystify the counseling process and provide a platform for individuals to understand the benefits of counseling. Furthermore, this presentation will provide general recommendations related to the promotion of mental health and counseling among Black males. Finally, participants will learn how counseling contributes to academic success and retention. Keywords: Black males, race, gender, counseling, mental health, help-seeking, academic success, retention
Citation Information
Kia-Rai M. Prewitt and Amber A. Hewitt. "Black Males and Counseling: Dispelling Myths"
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