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Examining Synergies in a First-Year Leadership Development Course
E-Source for College Transitions
  • Amber Manning-Ouellette, Iowa State University
  • Cameron Beatty, Iowa State University
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Although some literature on student and academic affairs collaborations exists (Guarasci, 2002; Gulley & Mullendore, 2014; Schmidt & Kaufman, 2007) it can be challenging to find concrete examples for building partnerships among student activities, special populations, and academic affairs in higher education. The literature mainly focuses on creating systemic and organizational change. At Iowa State University (ISU), there lacks a formalized first-year experience office, yet each academic college is challenged with creating first-year seminars for incoming students interested in studying in the college’s respective majors. These first-year seminars are often times decentralized, focused on student’s academic discipline, and have no consistent curriculum across the university. Therefore, there is little to no collaboration amongst academic departments and student affairs when designing and implementing first-year seminars, besides opportunities for guest speakers and highlighting student resources. At ISU, the most obvious area to create connections among leadership theories and to build important campus partnerships is within the classroom; specifically, in the first year where supporting student transition to college is paramount (Komives, Mainella, Owen, Osteen, & Longerbeam,2005; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005).

This is a manuscript of an article published as Manning-Ouellette, A. & Beatty, C.C. (2016). Examining Synergies in a First-­‐Year Leadership Development Course. E-Source for College Transitions, 13(3), 11-­‐13. Posted with permission.

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Amber Manning-Ouellette and Cameron Beatty. "Examining Synergies in a First-Year Leadership Development Course" E-Source for College Transitions Vol. 13 Iss. 3 (2016) p. 11 - 13
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