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Economic Growth in Uttar Pradesh during the High Growth Regime in India
The Indian Economic Journal (2012)
  • Amarnath Tripathi, Dr.

This paper assesses inter-sectoral linkages in Uttar Pradesh to identify the lead sector in its economy. It is based on time series data spanning the years 1980–81 to 2009–10. Vector auto-regression framework is used to examine inter-sectoral linkages. The results suggest that agriculture is the main sector driving the other sectors (industry and services) in the state. Agriculture supports both the industry and service sectors through demand and production linkages. Despite being the leading sector in the economy, the performance of agriculture is far from satisfactory. It underlines the need for reviving the agriculture sector to achieve high economic growth in the overall economy of the state. Besides, the present paper suggests that the government also must improve infrastructure, governance and law and order.

  • Economic Growth,
  • Uttar Pradesh Economy
Publication Date
December, 2012
Citation Information
Amarnath Tripathi. "Economic Growth in Uttar Pradesh during the High Growth Regime in India" The Indian Economic Journal Vol. 60 Iss. 3 (2012)
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