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Librarians and NVivo: Supporting your Campus Researchers and Engaging in Your Own Research, Too!
Webinar (2015)
  • Amanda J. Swygart-Hobaugh, M.L.S., Ph.D., Georgia State University
Invited webinar I created and delivered. Abstract: Are your campus researchers analyzing qualitative data, and you want to be more conversant regarding how they might use NVivo to facilitate their analysis? Are you expected to do research yourself, want to analyze qualitative data, and are curious as to how you might use NVivo for your analyses? If so, this webinar is for you! In this webinar, the presenter will give an overview of some core analysis features in NVivo, using examples from hypothetical and actual research projects related to academic librarianship.
Publication Date
April 6, 2015
Citation Information
Swygart-Hobaugh, M. (2015, April 6).Librarians and NVivo: Supporting your campus researchers and engaging in your own research, too! [webinar]. Retrieved from