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It’s 1963, I’m a Teenager, and I think I’m Gay: Students Exploring LGBTQ Issues in Information Retrieval and Consumption Across the Decades
LACUNY Institute (2014)
  • Amanda J. Swygart-Hobaugh, M.L.S., Ph.D., Georgia State University
Given at the 2014 LACUNY 2014 Institute, Information Literacy to Empower: Theory and Practice. In this presentation I described my work with a sociology “queer identities” class and a specific assignment that allowed me to integrate the critical theoretical frameworks of heteronormativity and critical information literacy into my one-shot research instruction session.
Publication Date
April 4, 2014
New York, NY
Citation Information
Swygart-Hobaugh, M. (2014, April 4). It’s 1963, I’m a teenager, and I think I’m gay: Students exploring LGBTQ issues in information retrieval and consumption across the decades. Panel presentation at the 2014 LACUNY Institute, Information Literacy to Empower: Theory and Practice, New York, NY.