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Unpublished Paper
Getting Their Hands Dirty: Collaborating to Engage Undergraduates in Learning
KU Teaching Summit (University of Kansas) (2007)
  • Amanda J. Swygart-Hobaugh, M.L.S., Ph.D., Georgia State University

Presentation on collaboration with Dr. Hannah Britton, Associate Professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies, on the redesign of her Women and Politics course toward achieving an articulated pedagogical aim of shifting from “providing instruction” to “producing learning” via engaging students’ in original research/analysis.

Publication Date
Fall 2007
Citation Information
Swygart-Hobaugh, A. J., & Britton, H. (2007, Fall). Getting their hands dirty: Collaborating to engage undergraduates in learning. Presented at the KU Teaching Summit 2007, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.