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Peptides Designed for Biomimetic Studies of NF-κB Inhibition
245th ACS National Meeting (2013)
  • Lindsey Burch
  • Amanda L. Stewart, Georgia Southern University

The protein nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-B) is a transcription factor which is critical in cellular response to inflammation, apoptosis, and immune response. Inhibitor of kappa B (IB) molecules inactivate NF-B, keeping the protein within the cytoplasm. Phosphorylation of IB degrades the inhibitor, allowing for NF-B passage into the nucleus where it regulates the expression of numerous genes related to immune and inflammatory response. While NF-B is crucial for immune response, its untimely activation and the overexpression of certain inflammatory proteins can result in various diseases such as cancer and many neurological disorders. Peptides mimicking IB will be designed to study specific interactions that are key to binding of NF-B by IB. The peptides with highest binding affinities for the protein will be screened as broad based inhibitors for the NF-B signaling pathway. Fluorescence binding studies and CD structure studies will be completed to characterize all designed peptides.

  • Peptides,
  • Biomimetic,
  • NF-B,
  • protein nuclear factor-kappa B
Publication Date
April 7, 2013
Citation Information
Lindsey Burch and Amanda L. Stewart. "Peptides Designed for Biomimetic Studies of NF-κB Inhibition" 245th ACS National Meeting. New Orleans, LA. Apr. 2013.