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About Amanda J. Rockinson-Szapkiw

Dr. Amanda J. Rockinson-Szapkiw earned an Ed.D. in Distance Education from Regent, a M.A. in Counseling from Regent, and a B.S. in Elementary Education from Huntington College. She holds a professional counseling license, a school counseling license, and a teaching license. Prior to coming to Liberty University, she served as a counselor specializing in childhood emotional, social, behavioral, and developmental problems. She also previously served as a faculty member at Old Dominion University in the Human Service Department. In 2009, she accepted her appointment as an Assistant Professor at Liberty in the School of Education. At Liberty, she teaches and develops quantitative research and analysis, school counseling, and educational technology courses. She also serves as the doctoral research chair and as a research consultant. Her research interests include online education, presence, Web 2.0 technology and the semantic Web, doctoral persistence, and counselor education. She enjoys writing and presenting on all of these topics and often does so with her husband.
For many years, she has said that she has 3 great passions -- God, her husband, and traveling -- and 3 spheres of interest -- education, counseling, and technology -- and working at Liberty allows all three passions and interests to intersect. For this she is thankful to the Lord every day.
On a personal note, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Michael. They enjoy "tinkering" on their computers, creating websites and instructional content. They also enjoy the great outdoors -- hiking, biking, and running -- and traveling. They have traveled both in the United States and overseas volunteering to work with diverse populations. Their travel often includes adventures -- from petting Tigers in Thailand to hiking jungles in Malaysia to paragliding off mountains in New Zealand. One of their favorite vacation spots is Disney World where they get to visit both Mickey and her parents. And, they have 2 cats, Minnie and Mushu (both named after Disney characters).

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