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A Novel Emotional Awareness and Expression Treatment for Chronic Pain: Outcomes and Predictors
American Psychosomatic Society
  • Amanda J. Burger, Cedarville University
  • H. Schubiner
  • J. Carty
  • D. Valentino
  • E. Sklar
  • M. Hyde-Nolan
  • A. Hijiazi
  • M. A. Lumley
Document Type
Conference Presentation
San Antonio, TX
Event Date
  • Chronic pain,
  • treatment of chronic pain
Citation Information
Burger, A. J., Schubiner, H., Carty, J., Valentino, D., Sklar, E., M. Hyde-Nolan, A. Hijiazi, M.A Lumley, (2011). A novel emotional awareness and expression treatment for chronic pain: Outcomes and predictors. American Psychosomatic Society, San Antonio, Texas.