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The Relationship Between Eating Disorder Behavior and Myers-Briggs Personality Type
Journal of Psychological Type (2008)
  • Amanda J. Burger, Cedarville University
  • L. A. Hoffeditz
  • Michael W. Firmin, Cedarville University
  • Chi-en Hwang, Cedarville University
  • R. A. Wantz

This study examined the relationship between eating disorder behavior, identified by the Eating Disorder Inventory-2, and personality types, as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument, among a sample of female college students. No statistically significant relationships were found between MBTI personality type and eating disorder behavior.

  • Myers-Briggs,
  • Eating disorders
Publication Date
February, 2008
Citation Information
Burger, A., Hoffeditz, L., Firmin, M., Hwang, C., & Wantz, R. (2008). The relationship between eating disorder behavior and Myers-Briggs Personality Type. Journal of Psychological Type, The, 68, 11-18.