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The African Intelligentsia: Domestic Decline and Global Ascent
  • Amadu Jacky Kaba
  • Ali A Mazrui
This book explores the multi-faceted effects of globalization—both positive and negative—on Africans and people of African descent.  It also offers a perspective on the rise, decline and revival of intellectualism, and the origin and development of pan-Africanism in the twentieth century.  Touching upon the issue of female empowerment and dynastic elements in African political culture, the book additionally takes on one of the major sets of themes that have animated and dominated the discourse among African intellectuals which is about the relationship between economic and cultural dependency, the forms dependency takes, and how to overcome it. The book also carefully scrutinizes the emigration of highly educated Africans to developed countries, leaving the continent of almost 1.2 billion people with a substantial shortage of skilled workers needed for development – the African Brain Drain. While Africa continues to struggle to attain its development goals, people of African descent outside of Africa are among the most influential individuals in the world. Furthermore, the book highlights the negative impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa as a second form of the continent’s dual brain drain—terminal brain drain. HIV/AIDS is causing serious problems in regions and countries on the continent that have relatively high numbers of educated people and strong economies. Eastern, Middle and Southern Africa are the regions impacted the most by the terminal brain drain, while South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe are among the countries impacted the most. The book presents the factors that are contributing to Africa’s emigration brain drain, the implications of it on the continent, some benefits of it, and offers suggestions for managing this phenomenon.
  • Intellectuals,
  • Africa,
  • Intellectual life,
  • Brain drain,
  • Emigration and immigration
Publication Date
Africa World Press
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Amadu Jacky Kaba and Ali A Mazrui. The African Intelligentsia: Domestic Decline and Global Ascent. Trenton(2016)
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