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Physician-Assisted Death: A Selected Annotated Bibliography
Law Library Journal (2019)
  • Alyssa Thurston
Physician-assisted death (PAD), which encompasses physician-assisted suicide and physician-administered euthanasia, has long been controversial. However, recent years have seen a trend toward legalizing some form of PAD in the United States and abroad. This annotated bibliography lists sources concerning PAD and the many issues raised by its legalization.
  • physician-assisted death,
  • physician-assisted dying,
  • medical aid-in-dying,
  • physician-assisted suicide,
  • euthanasia
Publication Date
Winter 2019
Citation Information
Alyssa Thurston. "Physician-Assisted Death: A Selected Annotated Bibliography" Law Library Journal Vol. 111 Iss. 1 (2019) p. 31 - 69
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