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Tanzania-Zambia Railway: Escape Route from Neocolonial Control?
Anthropology Faculty Publications
  • Alvin W. Wolfe
Document Type
Book Chapter
Publication Date
  • Tanzania-Zambia railway,
  • supranational network,
  • neocolonial control
Case histories describes the joint attempt of Tanzania and Zambia to escape from the supranational network that controlled southern Africa, by expanding links across the Indian Ocean by building a railroad that would give Central Africa a way to export minerals outside the control of the southern African system. Author warned "the extraction and processing of ores is, in all circumstances, an interdependent part of a larger scale world industrial system" (p. 102).

This article was originally published in Nonaligned Third World Annual, 1970. St. Louis: Books International of D.H.-T.E. International (pages 92-103). Like the preceding articles, “Capital and the Congo,” “Testimony on United States-South African Relations,” “Economies in Bondage,” “and “An Essay on the Mining Industry in relation to the African Revolution,” this is more a descriptive case study than a theoretical piece on the evolution of a supranational level of integration.

Citation Information
Wolfe, Alvin W. "Tanzania-Zambia Railway: Escape Route from Neocolonial Control?" Nonaligned Third World Annual. St. Louis: Books International of D.H.-T.E. International, 1970. 92-103.