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Nash Equilibria for Non-Binary Choice Rules
International Journal of Game Theory (2007)
  • Carlos Alós-Ferrer, University of Konstanz
  • José Carlos R. Alcantud, University of Salamanca

(Also known as Choice-Nash Equilibria) We prove the existence of equilibria in games with players who employ abstract (non-binary) choice rules. This framework goes beyond the standard, transitive model and encompasses games where players have non-transitive preferences (e.g. Skew-Symmetric Bilinear preferences).

  • Choice rules,
  • ordinal games,
  • SSB preferences
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Carlos Alós-Ferrer and José Carlos R. Alcantud. "Nash Equilibria for Non-Binary Choice Rules" International Journal of Game Theory Vol. 35 Iss. 3 (2007)
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